Alpen Cheddar

AlpenCheddar is made using a rare and highly experimental technique.  This is done by combining Quicke’s Mature Cheddar with HofkäsereiKraus’ flagship cheese named Alp Blossom.  The Mature Cheddar is then added to the curds during the traditional Alpine cheesemaking process. The wheels are pressed into moulds and matured for 3 months in the home village of cheesemaker, Albert Kraus.

A unique texture with a sweet aroma and flavour notes starting with hazelnut, moving through sweetness and acidity, before ending with a bright apricot finish.  An absolute must for your cheese board because of the great flavour and wonderful process that makes it special.  This cheese is highly sought after so if you see it in stock please don’t wait to order!  Stock is always in short supply

Thermized Cow’s milk